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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Diecast Piece Of The Month, January 2011

Up until I was the age of 6, my family car was a 1956 Buick. I have fond memories of that car, so when I saw that Maisto was releasing a 1955 Buick, I had to have it. It debuted as part of a set in their Elite Transports series. It featured a COE flatbed truck hauling a 1955 Buick Century. The set is pictured above. I hate to break up the set because, however much I really like the flatbed truck, it's the car on back that is my allstar. The only detraction of the piece is that it's made out to look like some kind of dragster, with wide tires on the back and skinny ones up front. Other than that, it seems to be a fairly accurate representation of a 1955 Buick.

The first thing you notice is that it features a retro-styled paint scheme with lots of pinstriping and scallops along the sides; all done in silver so they really stand out against the black body.

The front end is really down in the weeds and is perhaps just a bit too low for your average car of the Fifties. But, it is detailed to include a colorful license plate.

Those classic 1950 styling cues show big time when viewed along the side and the wrap-around windshield is typical of that era. It also features wing windows that are all but a forgotten relic of the past.

From the side, the Buick design becomes quite noticeable. The distinctive trim is recreated to perfection and represents the period's affinity for the chrome look. The more chrome, the better.

From the rear, you can see this model is sporting dual exhaust. I'll bet it would sound real nice cruising by real slow.

Along the top, the intricate pinstriping is quite evident. Perhaps a little bit more than I would prefer, but it works well with the subtle metalflake black paint it covers.

The car lends itself to many interpretations and looks quite artistic when done up in collage form.

This last view shows the car with some normal-sized wheels and tires. Although sitting at a low rider stance, it's still more level and it's easy to see why the 1950's were thought of as a classic era in American automobile styling. Who wouldn't want a big piece of solid automobile around them when it's a beauty like this 1955 Buick Century. Check out the Maisto Elite Transports series - they've got some really unique cars and trucks represented.