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Monday, April 2, 2012

Truckin' Big

The Lindberg Line had a long history of making model kits of military vehicles, planes, ships and cars and trucks. In 1968 they released a line of Hot Wheels-sized model kits called "Mini-Lindys." For more information on this series, see this link. This series ended in 1970, but Lindberg kept adding new models and re-releasing old castings in new series. One model from the initial 1968 series was called the Ryder Truck, a Ford-based moving van. It was re-released in the Truckin' Big series renamed "The Moving Van." It came molded in yellow, but I painted the one I had black:

Here is the original instruction sheet that came with it:

On the other side of the instructions, were directions on how to put together the little garage that also came with the kit. These are some of the trucks that were in these subsequent series, such as "Truckin' Big," "Hi-Rollers," "Over The Road," "Van Go" and "Big Wheels":

"High Rollers" series:
1. Dump Truck. (Mini Lindy No. 11)
2. Mail Truck. (Mini Lindy No. 13)
3. High Hauler. (Mini Lindy No. 32)
4. Van Machine. (Mini Lindy No. 8)
5. Cement Mixer. (Mini Lindy No. 14)
6. Tow Truck. (Mini Lindy No. 16)
7. Pickup Camper. (Mini Lindy No. 22)
8. Tractor-Trailer. (Mini Lindy No. 24)

"Van Go" series:
1. Gypsy Van. (Mini Lindy No. 13)
2. Can Van. (Mini Lindy No. 7)
3. Van Camp. (Mini Lindy No. 22)
4. Van Do Van. (Mini Lindy No. 8)
5. The Moving Van. (Mini Lindy No. 32)
6. Travelin' Van. (Mini Lindy No. 23)
7. Mighty Van. (Mini Lindy No. 12)
8. Vandit. (Mini Lindy No. 2)

"Big Wheels" series:
1. Pickup and Camper. (Mini Lindy No. 22 - I would really love to acqure this model. It features a Chevrolet pickup on the cover, but is actually a Ford truck.)

"Truckin' Big" series:
1. The Moving Van. (Mini Lindy No. 32)

There are others in these series, but I'm still researching which models were released.