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Saturday, August 7, 2010

By The Numbers

Today's post features a baker's dozen of diecast vehicles painted up in racing colors and numbers. Look through them and see how many you can identify. Try to name the company they were made by and the type of vehicle being represented.

And now for the answers:

1. Summer Toyota Celica LB Turbo GR.5
2. Hot Wheels Thunder Roller
3. Matchbox Fiat Abarth
4. Hot Wheels HW Prototype 12
5. Zee Porsche 910
6. Matchbox Ford GT
7. Hot Wheels Turbo Streak
8. Hot Wheels Side Kick
9. Hot Wheels Pro Stock Firebird
10. Hot Wheels Mirada Stocker
11. Ertl Mountain Dew Buick
12. Hot Wheels Shadow Mk IIa
13. Hot Wheels Dodge Charger Stock Car

How well did you do?

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