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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fired Up

From a young age, I always had fire rescue vehicles of some kind or another. Whether it was the long tiller trucks with ladders that raised up and down or complete playsets with warning signs, barricades, figures and vehicles. When a fire broke out, I could handle it! Perhaps that is why to this day diecast fire trucks and vehicles hold a special place in my collection. Here are some of the fire department vehicles made by Maisto, in their Fresh Metal collection, that are a proud part of my diecast collection:

Mercedes Benz Tiller Truck

Cab detail of the Mercedes Tiller Truck


Ladder Truck

Cherry Picker

Equipment Truck

Fire Department Search Truck

Maisto also has a Denver Pumper, a Snorkel truck and a Utility Truck painted in fire engine red to go along with their other fire vehicles. I'm still looking to add those to my collection. I've also heard that a 1955 Buick Century is coming out shortly, painted in red and white and sporting "Fire Chief" graphics. I can't wait for that one!

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